Local businesses

DominGO is Good for Business! What would DominGO be without celebrating all of Hartford's incredible businesses? Each event day is an opportunity for you to spill out onto
the sidewalk and into the street, showcasing everything your business has to offer. Check out some creative ways to participate on event days below!

If you're a business that does not have a brick-and-mortar store along a route, and are interested in popping up and selling goods, please email events@lumiagency.com

Ways to Participate

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Plan to be open, and staff up!

DominGO will be attended by neighbors and visitors alike, all searching for a bite to eat and new things to buy!


Bring the inside outside!

If you’re a retail shop, think about having a tag sale-style set up outside. If you’re a restaurant, place chairs and tables out in the street (sidewalks must maintain a 4’ pathway), and cook outside.


Offer specials, and promote the event!

Let customers know that DominGO is coming to the neighborhood, and that they can plan for a day filled with music, food, fitness activities, and celebrating the community. The DominGO team will be canvassing each neighborhood providing handouts for customers as well as posters that can be hung in your shop!

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