frequently asked questions

General FAQ

What is DominGO Hartford?

DominGO Hartford is for everyone and can be whatever you want it to be! Streets will be closed to cars, turning them into public spaces where you can explore neighborhoods, visit small businesses, enjoy local artists and musicians, and spend time outside.

When does DominGO Hartford start and end?

Each event starts at 11 AM and ends at 4 PM.

Where does DominGO Hartford happen?

DominGO Northeast

Route to be announced soon


June 25, 2023


11 AM - 4 PM

DominGO Frog Hollow

Route to be announced soon


September 17, 2023


11 AM - 4 PM

DominGO Parkville

Route to be announced soon


October 1, 2023


11 AM - 4 PM

On the routes

Will DominGO always be located in the same area?

Each year, we plan to feature a new neighborhood! In 2022, DominGO took place in the West End, South End, and Downtown.

Is DominGO accessible to those with disabilities?

Yes! Attendees with limited mobility are welcome to travel the route in whatever way they are most comfortable. There are minimal inclines along each route, and any potholes will be touched up by the Department of Public Works before each event date. Plenty of seating will be available along the route and at our amazing small businesses. Service animals are always welcome!

Is DominGO stroller friendly?

Yes, these events are for everyone, especially children and families. There will be ample space for strollers along the route—we just ask that you stay to the right to avoid people who may be moving at a quicker pace. 

Are dogs allowed at DominGO Hartford?

Dogs (and dog owners!) are welcome—we just ask that you please keep them on a leash, and remember to pick up after them.

Are there bathrooms along the route?

Yes. There are portable toilets, including ADA-accessible ones, at every activity hub on the route. Need a confirmation before development.

When will the routes re-open to cars?

Roads will begin to reopen to cars at 4:00pm.

Get Involved

How can my non-profit organization have a presence at DominGO?

If you’re a Hartford-based non-profit, you can contact to register for the event.

I'm a business along the route—how can I best participate in DominGO?

You can play music, offer DominGO discounts, and extend your business onto the sidewalk, so long as you maintain a 4’ path of travel. If your business is along the route and is interested in applying for support on your DominGO event day (such as permitting assistance, furniture rentals, etc.), please email

How can I become a sponsor?

If you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities,  please contact or visit our Sponsorship page.

What if I'm a pop-up vendor interested in vending goods?

What's would DominGO be without vendors? While there is no vendor fee, we do require that all vendors apply online to be a Temporary Merchandise Vendor through the City of Hartford, and that vendors email to register their business and provide proof of their permit. Temporary Merchandise Vendor permits through the City of Hartford are $25 per day.


What are Open Street programs?

Open Streets programs temporarily close streets to cars and open them for people to experience their city's neighborhoods, businesses, and arts in a new way. Check out the Open Streets Project for more information.

Hartford has a growing tradition of Open Streets! For example, for many years Pratt Street had been closed to vehicles for community activities like the Salsa Socials. During the pandemic, the City of Hartford made this permanent Now people of all ages and abilities can enjoy Pratt Street, and businesses are growing on the street!

Is DominGO endorsed by the City of Hartford?

Yes! DominGO Hartford is funded primarily through City of Hartford staff resources and through private partnerships and support. We need all the help we can get! If you're interested in supporting financially or volunteering, please e-mail